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Arc, Workforce Management

Over 8 million attendance records to date, and counting

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Attendance Anywhere, Anytime

Modern attendance management that’s not restricted by location, device or connectivity!

No hardware required

Allow your employees to clock-in/out from their mobile phones

Facial recognition

Use facial recognition AI to verify employee identities seamlessly


With the onboard GPS on your employees’ mobile phones, you can set up geo-fences to automatically restrict where attendance can be recorded

Everything runs real-time

See your employees’ attendance data in real-time with our intuitive cloud-based dashboard
Attendance Anywhere, Anytime

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced facial recognition AI can recognize your employees quickly and accurately

Quick and easy

Single selfie image required to enroll your employees’ faces


Intelligent AI system continuously learns to recognize each employee’s face

Anti-bypass built in

Anti-bypass technology prevents employees from spoofing with images or video
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Schedules & Powerful Shift Management

Powerful shift management to help you manage your employees’ schedules

Build out your schedule

Easily create, assign, update and remove shifts for employees to accommodate for a changing shift schedule

Define shifts

Define shifts by start and end times, and set up shift patterns for recurring shifts

Assign leaves

Assign leaves to employees for any period of time
Schedules & Powerful Shift Management

Error-free Timesheets

Automated timesheet generation that’s accurate and easy to use

No more manual timesheets

Timesheets are automatically generated based on your employees’ attendance data

Export to anywhere

View timesheets on our cloud-based dashboard or export them

Metrics and analytics

View metrics such as total hours worked, average hours worked, and more
Error-free Timesheets

Comprehensive Analytics

Detailed analytics to help you make better business decisions

Full visibility

View your employees’ attendance data in real-time with our cloud-based dashboard

Insightful reports

Schedule insightful reports to be sent to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Quantitative data

Quantify time gained or time lost by employee attendance behavior
Comprehensive Analytics

Coming soon

Automated Payroll

Automated payroll calculation that’s accurate and easy to use

Automate everything

Automatically consolidate timesheets, and approve overtime to calculate payroll

WPS Support (GCC)

Generate and export a WPS compatible payroll file that you can upload straight to your bank


Support for manual payroll adjustments and deductions
Automated Payroll

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Employees download the app

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Employees clock in/out

Employees use the app to clock in/out from the locations they're assigned to.


Monitor employee activity and analytics

Sit back and get a full overview of your company's attendance performance.


Export timesheets & do payroll

Export error-free timesheets and spend list time doing payroll.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I make use of the free plan?
You get unlimited employees on the free plan, and no credit card is required. It's also free forever, as long as you're below 2,500 successful clock ins/outs per month.
Will failed attempts to clock in/out be deducted from my 2,500 monthly clock ins/outs?
No, only successful clock ins/outs will be deducted from your monthly allowance.
The free plan is limited to 2 locations, but I have more. Does that mean Arc's free plan is not useful for me?
Absolutely not! If you have more than 2 locations you can still make use of our free plan. Simply start using Arc partially in 2 of your locations to test out it's capabilities. Once you're happy with what we have to offer, you can move your whole organization and all your locations to Arc on a paid plan.
How do I share the app with my employees?
After you're done adding your employees, you can send invites via email and SMS in a click of a button.
How do I track who of my employees are using the app and who isn't?
You can keep track of who of your employees hasn't downloaded the app on Arc's dashboard.
What if my employees forget to clock in/out?
We send push notifications to your employees based on their shift time, ensuring they never miss a clock in/out.