Dairah Technologies Launches Advanced Workforce Management Tool, Arc

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Arc, Workforce Management, Supercharged

"We are excited to introduce Arc to the market," said Mohammed Fituri, CEO of Dairah Technologies. "Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a tool that addresses the unique needs of businesses in the modern workforce. We believe that Arc will greatly enhance the way companies manage their employees and operations."

Dairah Technologies has been operating in Qatar for the past two years and has been providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses in the region. Throughout this time, Al Asmakh/Regency Group Holding has been a valued partner of Dairah Technologies, and they have been using our system to manage their workforce efficiently. With the launch of Arc, Dairah Technologies is now expanding its reach and launching the tool to the GCC, and later globally.

Key features of Arc

Arc is a comprehensive workforce management tool that offers a wide range of features to help companies manage their employees more effectively. The tool provides real-time tracking of employee attendance and performance, automated scheduling and shift management, streamlined communication and collaboration between employees and managers, improved compliance with labor laws and regulations, and increased efficiency and productivity through data-driven decision making.

One of the key features of Arc is its real-time tracking of employee attendance and performance. The tool allows managers to easily track employee attendance and performance in real-time, giving them the ability to make data-driven decisions about staffing and operations. This feature is especially useful for companies that operate in multiple locations or have a large workforce.

Another important feature of Arc is its automated scheduling and shift management. The tool allows managers to easily create and manage employee schedules, which can be viewed and edited by both managers and employees. This feature eliminates the need for manual scheduling and reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication. The schedules and attendance feed into timesheets, which the system calculates and approves overtime and the system provides a powerful payroll system that is designed for the GCC WPS system.

Arc also provides streamlined communication and collaboration between employees and managers. The tool includes an integrated messaging system that allows employees and managers to communicate and collaborate in real-time. This feature is especially useful for companies that have employees working remotely or in different locations.

Arc also helps companies improve compliance with labor laws and regulations. The tool includes built-in compliance checks that ensure that a company's policies and practices are in compliance with local laws and regulations. This feature helps companies avoid costly fines and penalties for non-compliance.

"We are confident that Arc will have a significant positive impact on businesses of all sizes and industries," said Fituri. "Our goal is to provide companies with the tools and resources they need to manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently than ever before."

Yasser El Sayed, Senior Software Engineer at Dairah Technologies, who has been with the company since the start, expressed his excitement about the launch of Arc. "I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished with Arc. The tool is the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication from our team. I am extremely happy with the final product and can't wait to see the impact it will have on businesses in the region."

Dairah Technologies is committed to providing their clients with the best solutions in the industry and is excited to see the impact that Arc will have on their businesses. The company is offering a free trial of the tool to interested businesses, so they can experience the benefits of Arc firsthand.

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For more information about Arc, please visit Dairah Technologies' website or contact our sales team. The company's team is available to answer any questions and provide demonstrations of the tool to interested businesses.

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